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صقور العرب 1.48.95 free

صقور العرب 1.48.95 free apk

Version: 1.48.95

Uploaded in 2024-05-13

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Good Ramadan came to us again, and for it we have prepared for you all that is beautiful and useful, so join us in our Ramadan activities, so you can feel with us that every day is Eid!

Join the world of hawks now and share blood and sacrifices with us, create tanks and planes, use the most dangerous nuclear weapons and dominate a world exhausted by wars and explosions!
【how do you play】
â—† Recruit your ghosts and dominate with bombs and explosives
â—† Build your base to become an impregnable fortress in front of servers
â—† Build your armies of officers, tanks, and armored vehicles
â—† Allied and fought in intercontinental nuclear wars
â—† Occupy the government and strike those who challenge you with nuclear weapons
â—† Destroy the aggressors using the most dangerous and smartest tactics
â—† Attack players' bases and arrest their military leaders
Mobilize your allies to launch crushing attacks against your enemies
â—† Enjoy the company of professional male and female players
â—† Show off your base in three dimensions and shapes as you like

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صقور العرب free 1.48.95

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