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パワプロ 8.7.0 free

パワプロ 8.7.0 free apk

Version: 8.7.0

Uploaded in 2023-08-14

Description about パワプロ apk

Train your players anytime, anywhere! The most popular baseball game, Koami's power pros are now in the app!
Develop your own baseball players in “Success”, lead your team in “Stadium” and compete against players from all over the country! !
3D action with easy controls will make you feel like you're playing!
☆☆☆ Game Features ☆☆☆
â–  Basic Free â– 
All Modes are FREE TO PLAY! (Partially paid)
You can find items and powerstones needed for nurture and match in daily login bonus, to complete "Challenge" rewards to achieve specific tasks, in various events and campaigns!
Even if you are free, you can keep playing every day, so play every day to become the top high school baseball championship of Kokoen!
â–  Success â– 
"Success", the well-known baseball player development mode in the "Convenient Powerful Pro Baseball" series of home games.
Enjoy the story and develop your own players!
Set in different high school baseball teams, compete with rivals and enjoy high school life with friends.
Practice, play and sometimes even romance…”Success” is a fun way to train players in a fascinating scenario and become the top high school baseball player to win the highest goal of high school baseball children’s high school basement!

Scenarios collaborating with the popular baseball comics A. Diamonds, MAJOR, and Adversity Nine are available now! Unique scenarios make “Success” more hot!
You can train your baseball player with "EXP" earned by progressing in various scenarios.
Earning more experience is key to developing the best baseball player!
☆ "Event Deck System" to keep the key to developing your baseball player
Many popular characters familiar from the household game "Actual Powerful Pro Baseball" series are: Boar Hunting, Akiyo Yabe and Aoi Hayagawa!
Each of your characters will be placed on an Event Deck so that they can appear in the Success story and create various events.
Events are big chances to earn a lot of "EXP"!
Get lots of event characters and train your baseball player as you want!
â–  Stadium â– 
Compete against players "national" in the "Sstadium" and try to finish first in the ranking!
Pro baseball players trained in “Success”, assemble a team with your team and compete with players from all over the country! !
The match progresses automatically, and you are in control here! Earn points by being successful in the match, including hitting and strikeouts.
Of course, winning the match is the biggest shortcut that boosts your points!
Depending on the ranking results of the stadium, you can also get wonderful items.
Develop your own best professional baseball players, and become the top of your rivals scattered around the country!
Officially licensed Hannah Kokoen
※ The in-game sign signs recreated in the game are basically created based on the data of 2022.
â–  Portal Feature â– 
That's all you need to know about the latest "Power Pro" updates!
Stay up to date with the latest news about power pro-related and KONAMI baseball titles.
You can always get great deals and special offers.
â–  If you like "Real Powerful Pro Baseball" â– 

・Want a free baseball game app
・Want to play a baseball game with raised players and compete against players from all over the country
・Want to win the high school baseball dreams of high school baseball
・Like popular baseball comics "MAJOR", "A of Diamonds", and "Adversity Nine"
・Want to take out three strikes and hit a home run to get the exhilarating feel of a sports game
・Are looking for a funny story in baseball games
・Want to play a funny baseball game set in high school baseball
-Are looking for a simulation game that can develop your own baseball players

・Are looking for a sports game that can develop players
・Are looking for a story-raising game that gives you romance, youth, and more
・Are looking for a baseball simulation game among training games
・Want to develop your own baseball player and play against them
・Want to play an interesting game in high school baseball from player development
・Are looking for a simulation game where you can assemble my team to fight
-Fans of Komi's sports games and player development games
・Want to develop your player, strengthen your My Team and compete against rivals from all over the country
・Want to make the strongest team in baseball player development games

・Are looking for a baseball game that you can play for free and play against
・Are looking for a sports game with various ways to play among popular game apps
・You are not familiar with baseball, but you want to try an easy-to-play baseball game
・Want to play popular, entertaining and fun games for free games
・Want to kill time on the go with easy to play addictive games
・Are looking for a super popular and interesting game for middle school students and adults to enjoy
・Want to kill time with funny sports games
-Want to play a free sports game with easy controls
・Are you looking for an addictive game that has been popular and interesting for all time

-Nice to play family games but want to play with a powerful pro on the move
・Like Power Pro-Kun characters
・Like Koami's baseball game and always wanted to play on his phone
・Like power pros with fun stories
・Want to start playing the powerful powerful pro baseball again, a addiction to high school students
◇◇◇ Environment ◇◇◇
This is an online game. Please enjoy in a network environment.
◇◇◇ Target Devices ◇◇◇
-Supported OS: Android 5.0 or above
-List of supported devices "https://www.konami.com/pawa/app/device.html"
*Stages other than the above operating systems are not guaranteed to operate.
※Troubles other than operating devices other than the operating confirmation OS are not supported. Please note.
※How the device works
If you use a machine that supports double-screen display, the app may not display properly.
We recommend that you use the game on a single screen, so please be careful.
Also, we do not guarantee that it will work with your device. Please note.
◇◇◇ Rights Notation ◇◇◇
"H2" character rights notation: © Michimadachi / Shogakukan
"Adversity Nine" character rights notation: © Kazuichi Shimamoto
"A of Diamonds" character rights notation: ©Yoji Teramura & Kodansha / "A of Diamonds-SS-" production committee / TV TOKYO
'MAJOR' character rights notation: ©Tetsuya Manda, Shogakkan
"Fokuto's Fist" Character Rights Notation: â“’ Takeshi Takeshi & Tetsuo Hara / NSP easier lice 238
TV anime "MIX" character rights notation: © M. Adachi, Shogokukan / Yomiyo TV. ShoPro
"Touch" character rights notation: © Michimadahi / Shogakkan
"Diamond A act II" Character Rights Notation: â“’ Yoji Teramura & Kodansha / "Diamond A act II" Production committee / TV TOKYO
"Niji-chan" Character Rights Notation: ©ANYCOLOR, Inc.
Blade of the Demon character rights notation: © Haruyo Toge / Shueisha's Aniplex & ufotable
"Play King" Character Rights Notation: â“’ Studio Dice / Shueisha, TV Tokyo, KONAMI
"Momotaro Railway" Character Rights Notation: © Akira Sakuma ©2022 KONAMI
"Magic Conjure" character rights notation: © ������������������������ some ones
"Chainsawman" Character Rights Notation: © Tetsuki Miyamoto / Shueisha's MAPPA


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