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四季線上4gTV 2.5.2 free

四季線上4gTV 2.5.2 free apk

Version: 2.5.2

Uploaded in 2023-09-22

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[Provide legal and high-quality channels]
"Free Channel 50" China Television, CTV, FTV, FTV First Channel, FTV Taiwan, Zhongtian News Channel, CTV News, TVBS News, CTV News, FTV News Channel, Sanli Financial News, Dongsen News Channel, Daai TV, Sanli Comprehensive Channel, Hakka TV Station, NTDTV Asia Pacific Channel, ARIRANG Arirang Channel, Aboriginal TV Station, LiveABC Interactive English Channel, ELTV Life English Channel, MOMO Parent-child Channel, Dongsen Shopping 1, Mirror TV News Taiwan, Dongsen Financial News Channel, SBN Global Finance Channel, Dongsen Shopping Channel 2, FTV Variety Channel, Zhu Ge Liang Karaoke Show, Zhongtian National Big Party, Zhilin Sports Channel, Fashion Sports X, FTV Travel Channel, Rolling Force rollor, Asia Travel Channel, Alda Life Travel Channel, LUXE TV Channel, TV5MONDE STYLE HD Lifestyle, Zhongtian Food Travel, PTV Drama, PTV Film and Drama Channel, Jinguang Puppet Show, My Cinema Europe HD My European Movie , Good News 2, Human TV, Al Jazeera International News, VOA, DW, Congress Channel 1, Congress Channel 2, Classic Movies, Classic Cartoons, Children's Cartoons, Selected Cartoons, Chinese Drama Taiwan, Chinese Variety Show, dramas and movies for free.

"Drama and Movie Channels" TVBS Brilliant Channel, ROCK Entertainment, Public Television Drama, MinTV Film and Television Drama Channel, Longhua Drama Channel, HITS Channel, Longhua Japan and South Korea Channel, Eight Wonderful Channels, Jingtian Drama Channel, Jingyang Drama Channel, Seena Huaren Documentary Channel, Movie Fan Digital Documentary Channel, Jinguang Puppet Show, Caichang Movie Theater, Jingtian Films, Jingtian Movie Channel, Longhua Movie Channel, Movie Fan Digital Movie Channel, amc Favorite Movies, CinemaWorld, CATCHPLAY Beyond, CATCHPLAY Movies Channel, My Cinema Europe HD My European Movies, Classic Movies Channel, Chinese Drama Channel, Watch Dramas for Free, Watch Movies for Free.

"Music Variety Channels" Jingtian Japan Channel, FTV Variety Show, Zhu Ge Liang Karaoke Show, Jingtian Yule Channel, KLT-Jingtian International Channel, Nice TV Jingtian Happy Channel, Jingtian Information Channel, Zhongtian Quanmin Max Party, TVBS Happy Channel, Korean Entertainment Channel KMTV, Lifetime Entertainment Channel, Movie Soundtrack CMusic, TRACE Urban, MTV Live HD Music Channel, Mezzo Live HD, CLASSICA Classical Music, Fun Discovery Entertainment Channel, Chinese Variety Show Channel.

"Comprehensive Channels" FTV, China TV, China TV, FTV Taiwan, FTV No. 1, Daai TV, China TV Classic, Sanli Comprehensive Channel, Hakka TV, Eight Variety Shows, China TV Jingcai, TVBS Brilliant Taiwan, Elda Entertainment Channel, Jingtian Comprehensive Channel, NTDTV Asia Pacific Channel, Zhongtian Comprehensive Channel, ARIRANG Arirang Channel, Global Trekker, Aboriginal TV Station, Dongsen Shopping Channel 1, Dongsen Shopping Channel 2, ROCK Entertainment, fun exploration Entertainment Channel, ROCK Action, Good News 2, Good News, Da Ai 2, Human Satellite TV.

"News Channels" Aboriginal TV Station, Mirror TV News Channel, Dongsen News Channel, CTV News, FTV News Channel, Sanli Financial News iNEWS, TVBS News, Dongsen Financial News Channel, CTV News, Zhongtian News Channel, Huanyu News Channel, TVBS, CNBC Asia Finance Channel, Al Jazeera International News Channel, VOA Voice of America, SBN Global Finance Channel, DW Deutsche Welle.

"Sports and Leisure Channels" Bose Golf Table, Bose Sports One, Bose Unlimited, Bose Tennis, TRACE Sport Stars, Zhilin Sports Channel, Fashion Sports X, Car Fan TV, GINX Esports TV.

"Life Travel Fashion Channel" Aboriginal TV Station, FTV Travel Channel, Rollor Roller, Asia Travel Channel, Happy Space Home Channel, Love Nature, History Channel, Alda Life Travel Channel, LUXE TV Channel, TV5MONDE STYLE HD Lifestyle, Zhongtian Gourmet Travel, CI Crime Investigation Channel, Pet Club TV.

"Children and Youth Channels" LiveABC Interactive English Channel, Da Vinci Channel, ELTV Life English Channel, Nick Jr. Children's Channel, Nick Children's Channel, Jingtian Cartoon Channel, Jingyang Cartoon Nice Bingo, i-Fun Animation Channel, MOMO Parent-child Channel , classic cartoon stations, children's cartoon stations, selected cartoon stations.

"Congress Channel" Congress Channel 1, Congress Channel 2.

【Free Trial】
Register and log in for the first time to become a user of "Four Seasons Online", as long as you have not used this activity or purchased any channel package service, you can enjoy 7 days of free viewing of channel programs (each registered user is limited to one time).

【Smart Price】
No binding contract, monthly viewing of selected channels, an average of only 0.1 yuan per channel per day, which is equivalent to the rate of 1 second of mobile phone calls!

【LIVE broadcast】
Let you make full use of your free time, master instant messages, entertainment pulse, new life knowledge, online dramas, and enjoy a beautiful life with digital audio and video.

【Watch more】
The "Multi-Firefly" function is provided. As long as you register as a paid member on any device, you can enjoy an account to watch Taiwan's genuine movies and TV shows on computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices. There is no restriction, and you can experience HD high-definition quality even when you are on the move. Enjoy the smooth playback, watch it anytime, anywhere.

[Free on-demand VOD updated every day]
Provide free high-quality dramas, popular idol dramas, popular movies, exciting variety shows, strong animations and other high-quality on-demand movies, which are updated every day.

【Instructions for use】
1. Due to copyright authorization restrictions, some live programs may be different from those presented by the original channel operator on other platforms.
2. Channel operators have different authorizations on different carriers, and some channels cannot be broadcast on specific carriers.
3. The company has the right to change the channel.

【Contact information】
Dear customer, if you have viewing problems, please contact us, we will do our best to help:
☎️Customer Service Line: (02)8601-8068
📧Customer service mailbox: [email protected]
Service hours: Monday to Friday 10:00~19:00 (except national holidays)
If it is not working hours, please leave a message on the voice system, and we will contact you as soon as possible on the next working day.
Official FB fan page: https://www.facebook.com/4gtv.tv
Official website: https://www.4gtv.tv
PLEASE NOTE: This app includes Nielsen's proprietary measurement software to aid in market research. For more information, please visit https://www.nielsen.com/tw/en/legal/privacy-statement/digital-measurement/


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四季線上4gTV free 2.5.2

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