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掌閱 10.2.1 free apk

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Uploaded in 2023-08-15

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ireader focuses on the reading of high-quality novels, and is committed to creating a novel reader with a comfortable reading experience for users. The bookstore has a complete range of categories, covering male and female categories, and has a large number of genuine high-quality novels.

Pampering, sweet and warm, everything you expect. Scum abuse, rebirth, counterattack, experience a variety of lives in the novel, enjoy the love and hatred! Domineering, evil, paranoid, there is always one for you. Reading novels, finding friends, cute CP, and reading can also be fun!

The list of popular online novels and rich reading columns allow you to easily capture your favorite content. Intuitive and concise interface design, smooth page-turning effect, and timely push of novel updates are dedicated to giving you an excellent reading experience.

[Massive novels] Massive novels to read casually, rich presidents, pure love in the city, rebirth ability, youth campus, antique flavors, oriental fantasy, different world continents, classical fairy tales, fantasy comprehension, business tycoons, ups and downs in officialdom, medical masters, to create wonderful stories for you A feast of novels!

[Genuine authorization] Exclusive authorization from the great god, bringing you popular novels that are popular nowadays.

[Simultaneous update] Real-time updates of popular models and authors on the whole network, preview the latest and hottest novels, personalized message reminders, and never miss the most popular chapters.

[Personal Settings] Various settings such as reading background, font size, font, night mode, page turning effect, word spacing, etc., create a comfortable reading experience for you.

â– Super popular novels & comics:

"The Return of the City's Son-in-Law", "Eternal Emperor's Son-in-Law", "Madame Her Vest Is a Sensation in the City Again", "Hongtian Shenzun",

"Nine Dragons Returning to One", "The Female President's Visiting Son-in-Law", "The Master", "Douluo Continent", "Immortal Rebellion",

"Golden Eyes", "May you shine brightly", "The Evil King Chases His Wife", "The Miraculous Doctor's Mother Kisses She Is the Big Boss",

"Four Treasures of Genius: The Daddy of the Gold Master is a Big Brother", "The President is Above", "Marriage by Finger", "The First Daughter of the Miracle Doctor"

â– Book Type:

President, wealthy family, military marriage, romance, pure love, marriage, white-collar

Time travel, killer, house fight, harem, farming, female strong, fairy man

Xianxia, ​​fairy, magic, fantasy, online games, fantasy, martial arts

Tanmei, Youth, Campus, City, King of Soldiers, Competition, History

Military, Game, Science Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Fandom, Feng Shui

â–  Popular authors:

Celestial Silkworm Potatoes, I Eat Tomatoes, Mao Nian, Tang Jia San Shao, Yue Guan

Jiang Xiaoya, Feng Nong, Tian Tian Ba ​​Sing, Nanpai Third Uncle, Angel Oscar

Tang Qi, Chen Dong, Fresh Guoguo, Ming Xiaoxi, The Second Murloc, Xiao Ding

Taiyu, Jiu Yuexi, Once Junhua, Bandit Wosicun, Gu Man, Ding Mo

â– Publisher:
Navigation of 25 famous novel sites such as Reading, Zongheng, Hema, Chengbang, etc.!


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掌閱 free 10.2.1

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