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AvatarDo 1.7 free

AvatarDo 1.7 free apk

Version: 1.7

Uploaded in 2021-11-25

Description about AvatarDo apk

AvatarDo: chibi doll avatar creator let’s you create your perfect anime chibi characters.
Dress up your anime chibi as you wish! and save them to share with your friends!.
Make cute doll girls or kawaii boys! and make them interact through speech bubbles!
Save your cute chibi doll as avatars to use as a profile image, background image, or whatever you like.
AvatarDo let’s you can create dolls that can be human or kemono!
You can choose from a variety of styles, from pastel to dark gothic!
-AvatarDo lets you choose between more than 500 of free assets to dress up your chibi character!
-You can see ads each day to get paid assets without wasting real money!
-Export and share your characters with your friends!
-Tons of different styles to choose!
-You can change colors of skins and hair!
-Decorate the background of your chibi doll
- Picture files will be saved in a folder inside a folder with the game's name.
- Your characters get stored in your phone memory.
- If you unistall the app, you can recover purchased items in the start menu under the name "recover".