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Boldbeast Recorder 14.9 free

Boldbeast Recorder 14.9 free apk

Version: 14.9

Uploaded in 2023-05-30

Description about Boldbeast Recorder apk

Android 11 call recording is supported. Android 11 and 10 phones like Samsung S20, S10, A80, Note20, Note10, Sony, Huawei, Nokia, Moto, LG, Xiaomi, OnePlus etc are all supported.

The most fantastic things
* The app is FREE!
* No advertisement!

Main features
* Record phone call.
* Record voice memo, meeting, lecture, interview etc.
* Manage recordings - search, play back, delete, add note, share etc.
* Save recordings into the folder you choose in the phone storage or in the SD card.
* Auto backup recordings to your cloud drive (Google Drive / Dropbox).
* Many options to fix recording problems for different phones, so it's super powerful.
* No advertisement, so no bloat rubbish. A pure app, light weight, green, clean and safe.
* Canada company, regulated by strict Canadian privacy laws, highly respects your privacy.

Some advanced features are for the PRO version only. If needed you can upgrade to the PRO version by in-app purchase.

Link: https://www.boldbeast.com/android/call_recorder_troubleshooting.html
Calls were saved as "Unknown"?
Please see [007] on the Troubleshooting page to know how to fix it.
Recordings are totally silent?
Please see [009] on the Troubleshooting page to know how to fix it.
Any other possible problems?
Please see the Troubleshooting page, it has everything you want to know.


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Boldbeast Recorder free 14.9

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