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Calculations electrical lines lite 2 free

Calculations electrical lines lite 2 free apk

Version: 2

Uploaded in 2021-11-25

Description about Calculations electrical lines lite apk

Calculations power lines is an app designed to help those working in the design of power lines. In a few steps you can calculate the voltage drop, and the core section, the amperage, resistance, impedance and more of a hypothetical installation.
Now you can calculate also through energy protection devices and cables for checking the correct cable protection (only Pro version).
In addition you will have a comfortable converter measures IEC cables to A.W.G.
List of calculators:
- New single-phase lines and three-phase power factor correction calculator
- Calculating cable section with the method - voltage drop -
- Calculation of three-phase power lines (capacity of the cables, specific energy, current Iz cable, voltage drop, resistance, impedance, reactance)
- Calculation of the short circuit current LV end-line (three-phase, two-phase, single phase)
- Calculator for testing of protective cables (only Pro version)
- Conversion measures cables IEC / AWG
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