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CandyLink VPN 3.2.1 free

CandyLink VPN 3.2.1 free apk

Version: 3.2.1

Uploaded in 2024-02-12

Description about CandyLink VPN apk

Looking for the best private VPN connect? CandyLink offers its own open VPN client software to establish virtual private network connection to give you access to the Internet with complete security.
🌐 Free access to internet without ads
Just download the app and start using freevpn lite version without any ads. You can get free access to some of our VPN servers forever. If you need unlimited proxyvpn try our premium subscription.
🎞 Favorite content available to you
You will have access to all the necessary websites and services from anywhere: school, home, cafe, etc. You can use any music or video platform without blocker. Easy to use v p n for TikTok or Netflix.
📱 Safe hot spot private connection
You can easily delete logs and nobody will have your network activity. It’s like freevpn tor browser in your phone or even better. Our hotshield will protect your mobile pure vpn connection.
🚀 Fast and good server
We have more than 500 server in 15+ countries that provide high-speed vnp connections. Select any country, connect to the server and enjoy professional appvpn.
⚡️ Easy to use application
Connect a VPN with one touch. Just open the app and click the candy icon in the center of the screen. Wait a few seconds, and when the candy icon turns into a shield, you are connected to a V P N and your traffic is protected.
👉 If you need more security, try capabilities of Candylink Premium VPN on Android (Play market) and iPhone (iOS):
- Unlimited session limit up to 24 hours
- Access to all premium countries
- Highest speed without restrictions
- Premium dark theme
Candy Link offers the following subscriptions:
- Premium for One Week: $0.99 per week
- Premium for One Month: $2.99 per month ($1.50 for first month)
- Premium for Six Month: $14.99 for 6 months
- Premium for One Year: $23.99 per year
Read our privacy policy and terms of use:
Privacy policy: https://candylink.com/policy
Terms of use: https://candylink.com/terms


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CandyLink VPN free 3.2.1

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