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Cat Force 0.37.1 free

Cat Force 0.37.1 free apk

Version: 0.37.1

Uploaded in 2021-09-16

Description about Cat Force apk

If you’ve got match 3 skills, we’ll reward you for them!
Forget the other puzzle games you’ve played so far -- Cat Force is the first to recognize your true matching skill with PvP Battlegrounds where you can prove that you’re the best match 3 player in the world!
Unite with the brave Cat Warriors to battle and outsmart your opponents with your skill to become a Legend.
? For Match 3 Experts ?
Use your skills to identify the best matches to score extra moves and earn more points. If you win the match, you get to keep your Booster and will be rewarded generously. Beware of the other player’s opportunities – make sure to block them. Capitalize on your opponent's mistakes if they miss a match and make them pay for it!
⚔️ Rank Up Leagues ⚔️
Earn Medals for every match won - the more Medals, the higher the ranking. From Bronze to Grandmaster, climb up the ladder to become a Battlegrounds Legend - there can only be one! Collect exclusive rewards when new leagues are reached.
? Unleash Epic Boosters ?
Unlock and collect powerful Boosters, each with their own special effect, to destroy more Dark Minions. Fill up the Booster meter by matching the same-colored Cat Warriors as the chosen Captain to unleash its attack. Use Boosters to turn the odds to your favor by scoring big point totals to win games!
? Play Real-Time PVP ?
Compete head to head against other players in real-time. Master your matching skills and put them to the test by battling against the best match 3 players across the world. Different enemies are worth different points, the player who scores the most points win the battle!
?️ Live Ops Events ?️
Join for fun events: Seasons, Medal Frenzy, Paws of Fury Hunt, Color Blast, and more!
Fight for glory!
Join our Cat Force community on Facebook: www.facebook.com/CatForceGame
Collect a gift on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/catforcegame
Need help? Contact our tech support at [email protected]
CAT FORCE is a completely FREE game to play, but some items may be purchased.


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