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Citizen 0.1172.0 free

Citizen 0.1172.0 free apk

Version: 0.1172.0

Uploaded in 2024-01-11

Description about Citizen apk

The most powerful safety app for today’s world. Download Citizen to feel safer at home or out, get real-time safety alerts and live video of incidents happening near you, updates on natural disasters or protests, and know if your loved ones are near a dangerous incident.
Citizen notifications have urged people to evacuate burning buildings, deterred school buses from nearby terrorist attacks and have even led to a rescue of a 1-year-old from a stolen car. Citizen may notify you of a crime in progress before the police have responded. It's meant to protect you and your community — please use it responsibly.
NEW! See friends on your Safety Map: Know their safety status in a glance and find out if (and when) they are near a dangerous incident in real-time. You can turn on Ghost Mode to keep your location private at any time.
Real-time Safety Alerts: Location-based notifications help you avoid potentially dangerous situations.
Live Breaking Video: Watch live video of an incident unfold from different angles or broadcast live from the scene.
Keep Your Community Safe: Report incidents right when they happen to protect the people around you.
Citizen also offers the Protect subscription, to help protect you and your loved ones. You can read the Terms of Use here: https://citizen.com/privacy/protect-supplemental-tos


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Citizen free 0.1172.0

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