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Dear My Cat 1.5.6 free

Dear My Cat 1.5.6 free apk

Version: 1.5.6

Uploaded in 2022-09-27

Description about Dear My Cat apk

Happy memories always live on, shining.
Let's go to meet your cat by the train brings back a lot of longing and warmth memories.
▶Observing cats' peaceful daily life will help chill you out.
▶Cats have their own story and take a very special trip. Hear their stories.
▶Build various facilities and landmarks for cats.
▶Make accessories and give cats for gifts.
[ Official Social Media ]
- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dearmycat_flero/
- Facebook(KR) : https://facebook.com/dearmycat.kr/
- Facebook(EN) : https://facebook.com/dearmycat.en
- Facebook(TW) : https://facebook.com/dearmycat.tw/
- Twitter(JP) : https://twitter.com/Nekoyori_JP
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[email protected]
[Regarding Control Your App Permissions]
When you download our app, we will ask for permission to your information to offer the services below.
*Required Permissions*
My Dear Cat does not require any special permissions.
*Selective Permissions*
You don't need to accept permissions below for playing game.
-External storage access: access when store game files and in-game screenshots
[Turn App Permissions off]
You can change the permissions that apps can access in the main Setting app on your device at any time after you turn permission on.
-Android 6.0 & up: Settings app > Application Manager>Tap the app you want to change the permissions>Permissions>You can turn off permissions
-Android 6.0 & lower: Unable to turn off permissions on Settings. Please delete the app to turn off permissions
※Note:We kindly recommend you to upgrade your android version