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DigiOnline 7.0.17.release free

DigiOnline 7.0.17.release free apk

Version: 7.0.17.release

Uploaded in 2024-02-24

Description about DigiOnline apk

Digi Online is a free application for DIGI subscribers that allows you to:
- online viewing of over 90 channels, including DIGI channels;
- access to the PLAY section where you can watch movies and series whenever you want
- viewing the TV program for 7 days
- setting a Reminder notification so you don't miss your favorite productions
- Search option for TV channels or PLAY productions
- activating the Audio output option that allows the sound to play while using the phone
- activating the Picture in Picture option that allows playing the image and sound in a minimized screen while using the phone
The Digi Online application can be installed on a smartphone or tablet running at least Android 5.0.
The Digi Online application is now compatible with Android Auto, offering access to the audio stream for DigiSport, Utv, Music Chanel, Hit Music Channel and an extensive list of radio stations.
The account can be created by logging in with the DIGI.ro account data. If you want to use another email address or if there are several installation addresses, the account can be created from the DIGI.ro account, Digi Online section
Also, for subscribers who also have the DigiMobil mobile phone service, authentication using the phone number can be done much faster, through a much simpler procedure.
The application needs access to the following:
- information about the mobile network: the application uses this information to offer the new authentication option with the phone number for Digi subscribers;
- phone status: stop playing the audio/video content if a phone call is received;
- WiFi network and network connections: used to determine which network is used and recommend an option that uses as little mobile traffic as possible;
- running applications: to continue running the application from the point where it left off and the interconnection with other applications.
Digi Online is a free app for DIGI subscribers that allows you to watch online more than 90 TV channels and on-demand content in the Play section. In addition to DIGI's own channels we can list Discovery Channel, BBC Earth, National Geographic, TLC, MTV 00's, Kiss TV, Kanal D, Prima TV, CNN, TV5 Monde, HBO, Cinemax, AXN etc.
The app has useful features such as reminders for the shows you choose, favorite channel list, Kids mode, TV guide for all the channels, audio in the background and personalized notifications.


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DigiOnline free 7.0.17.release

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