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Dragons: Miracle Collection 2.1.11 mod

Dragons: Miracle Collection 2.1.11 mod

Version: 2.1.11

Uploaded in 2021-04-07

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Description about Dragons: Miracle Collection apk

Merge pairs for dragons and monsters to progress in your world.
Dragons, monsters, magic, secrets and interesting awaits you in the magical world of Dragons Evolution. Combine everything you see, get something better, combine what you received - and so on until you reached the top!
Discover all the islands of the Magic Kingdom with the help of your magic gift combine everything you want: dragon eggs, dragons, monsters, baby dragons.
Match the eggs to hatch dragons. Then combine dragons to get a stronger breed!
Discover islands and raise dragons - and maybe you will find something that will surprise you!
• Discover over 150 fantastic creatures to match, combine and interact in 100 challenges!
• Discover all the mysterious islands - the Island of Dragons, the Island of Monsters and the Island of Baby Dragons.
• Discover all mystical creatures
• Catch the flying monster and get prizes
• Take part in a tournament with friends around the world and get weekly rewards.
• Combine eggs and hatch dragons that will earn you gold and treasures.
• Gather a collection of over 150 mystical creatures
Download the game now and find out what the combination of dragons leads to.
The game is optimized for tablets.
Support: [email protected]
Privacy Policy: http://gamedevsource.com/privacy-policy/


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Dragons: Miracle Collection mod 2.1.11

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