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FLAGSMAN 0.858 free

FLAGSMAN 0.858 free apk

Version: 0.858

Uploaded in 2023-12-26

Description about FLAGSMAN apk

Explore geography with the fun world geography expert.
You'll find answers to world geography questions.
- Flags of the world - Choose the right flag.
- Independence Day - Guess the year of independence
- Countries of the world - Geography quiz
- Population of countries - Remember for the greatest rewards
- Tournaments - Explore countries.
Know the world map 🗺️:
World Geography - Geography Quiz, a fun expert guide will guide you through the game. He will tell you interesting news from around the world of geography in a fun way. World geography is an important science to study. We will be glad for every level you pass in the game.
You will be able to learn capitals very effectively, because our app has an encyclopedia of geography.
You will play on all continents:
Africa and North America. Capitals in Eurasia, Asia and Europe. Learn the flags of Oceania: Polynesia - Micronesia - Melanesia. Familiarize yourself with the population of Australia. Compare the area of South America and North America.
Geography is interesting, game has one clue that removes half of the wrong answers.
Levels consistently reveal new countries and their world flags.
Available languages 📖:
- English
- Ukrainian
- German
- Spanish
- Italian
- Chinese
- Polish
- Portuguese
- French
- Russian
- Japanese
- Indonesian
- Korean
- Turkish
- Bulgarian
All modes are created as entertaining as educational games for children, as the game will be interesting to parents.
Learning geography quizzes is interesting and useful:
Spain's population is smaller than that of Colombia!
Practice your memory in flags and countries of the world!
Encyclopedia - study countries and capitals now!
You can learn - flags of the world!
You can easily improve your knowledge in the field - world geography quiz.
World geography - a geographical game for you and your children!
Country data is taken from Wikipedia and other independent sources.
Have a nice and informative game!


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FLAGSMAN free 0.858

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