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Flutter By Farsroid 3.080 free

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Version: 3.080

Uploaded in 2021-02-22

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Runaway Play is well known for our beautiful nature games. Collect butterflies as you grow your own relaxing forest in this butterfly game! Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary has over 400 real life butterfly and caterpillar species to collect. That’s a lot of butterflies, far more than any other butterfly games!
If you love relaxing games, nature games, calming games or are searching for an antistress game - Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary is for you.
Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary is one of the best and most realistic nature games - it’s like having a terrarium in your pocket! Collect butterflies in a beautiful forest full of nature in this relaxing game. Grow and collect real, colorful flowers to attract new species for your butterfly collection in this nature game. Relax as you watch butterflies fly, play bug games, feed caterpillars through calming games, and play butterfly games in your nature garden. There are so many things to do in garden games!
Love nature games and garden games? Challenge yourself to collect all 400+ real butterflies in your forest! Each butterfly you collect is a real life butterfly with unique wing patterns and butterfly behaviours. Discover new garden and forest caterpillars and butterflies, care for them, feed them and raise them through their life cycles. Even the bugs in this nature game are based on real life garden bugs! Play bug games to collect extra resources, expand your forest and collect every butterfly! These garden games will keep you busy but relaxed. Flutter is the ultimate butterfly game for nature games lovers.
Listen to peaceful sounds as you play calming games - let go and experience the butterfly forest, full of relaxing sounds and calming games. Plug in your headphones and let these peaceful sounds wash over you. If you enjoy calming games, relaxing games or peaceful games, you will love Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary.
We love making relaxing games and calming games. In our busy lives, many people are looking for antistress techniques and we are so happy that our calming games can help. Enjoy calm, peaceful games and relaxing sounds as you collect each beautiful butterfly and play bug games. This calming butterfly game is like having a terrarium in your pocket. Nature games are a great way to relax, as calming games and peaceful games are a great antistress option.
The “splashcam” feature in Runaway’s other indie game “Splash: Underwater Sanctuary” requires read/write external storage permissions, in order to save in game screenshots taken by players to their devices. Flutter is built with the same underlying platform technology base, therefore Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary also requires these permissions although they are not currently being used in this indie butterfly game.


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