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Health Connect 2023.09.21.02.release free

Health Connect 2023.09.21.02.release free apk

Version: 2023.09.21.02.release

Uploaded in 2023-10-13

Description about Health Connect apk

Health Connect by Android gives you a simple way to share data between your health, fitness, and wellbeing apps without compromising on privacy.
Health Connect is in Beta. We are excited to share the product with you and are working hard to continue adding partner apps and new improvements.
Once you've downloaded Health Connect, you can access it through your settings by going to Settings > Apps > Health Connect, or from your Quick Settings menu.
Get more from your favorite apps. Whether you're focused on activity or sleep, nutrition or vitals, sharing data between your apps can help you better understand your health. Health Connect gives you simple controls, so you only share the data you want to.
Keep your health and fitness data in one place. Health Connect stores the health and fitness data from your apps in one place, offline and on your device, so you can easily manage the data from your different apps.
Update privacy settings in a few taps. Before a new app can access your data, you can review and choose what you want to share. If you change your mind, or want to see which apps recently accessed your data, find it all in Health Connect.


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Health Connect free 2023.09.21.02.release

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