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Jellify 1.4.8 free

Jellify 1.4.8 free apk

Version: 1.4.8

Uploaded in 2024-05-15

Description about Jellify apk

Wouldn't it be great if you could breathe life into your pictures and watch them move just like in reality? Jellify, funny elastic face app, makes it easily possible with live wobble photo effects and face animator features:
• Choose an existing picture or take a new photo
• Touch and drag the parts of the image you want to see in motion (face or anything else), or use the automatic face detection feature
• After that, shake or tilt your device and watch the image come alive
• Warp, wobble, jiggle and deform the image by magnifying selected areas
• Interact with your elastic face
• Choose from different movement patterns and save or share animations in GIF or video format
• Apply cartoon, pencil sketch, toon and other photo effects and filters
Pause the wobbling and create funny photo edits:
• Liquify and reshape the photo subjects by simple finger gestures
• Save or share created caricatures
Sharing of GIF animations might not work on certain social networks, because of the lack of GIF support on their side.


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Jellify free 1.4.8

filesize: 86.47 MB version: 1.4.8


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