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Last Pirate 0.9994 free

Last Pirate 0.9994 free apk

Version: 0.9994

Uploaded in 2021-12-01

Description about Last Pirate apk

Welcome to the most advanced free Pirate Survival simulator!
Your ship was wrecked. Crew members fall out and get lost. Your love is in danger and starving.
Set fire. Clean your sword from rust. Build shelter and craft barricades. Protect yourself from dead zombie and skeletons. Hunt for animals.
Evolve as pirate and search for hidden treasures on vast island using sea atlas.
Night comes - be careful. Evil loves that time and will hunt for you!
This free game is currently in Beta.
But we did our best to optimize it for fast performance
While keeping probably the best Graphics available on the mobile.
Enjoy and let us know your feedback!