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Lathe Sim 2 2.211 free

Lathe Sim 2 2.211 free apk

Version: 2.211

Uploaded in 2024-02-24

Description about Lathe Sim 2 apk

Did you ever want to try your hand at turning (milling) but never had the chance to do it?
Now is your chance to create unique forms out of different materials with a fun simulation game. Lathe Machine 3D: Milling & Turning Simulator Game is a new and much improved game. It presents a perfect opportunity to operate a lathe machine like a professional machinist, without the actual risk of accidentally getting injured and absolutely no fuss with cleaning up the mess after you finish carving. A simple tutorial leads you through basic game features allowing you to familiarize yourself with the gameplay. This milling machine game is appropriate for complete beginners that would like to get to know how to work with a lathe and even engineer students that can prototype their products here.
Here are some features Lathe Machine 3D: Milling & Turning Simulator Game will captivate you with:
♦ Lathe simulation gameplay. Pick a material to work on, set it on the lathe and start turning (milling) it to carve your own unique artifact. Enjoy the fun of turning with easy to use controls and without the actual risk of getting injured.
♦ Realistic turning (milling) physics. Lathe Machine features realistic physics movements as you control the cutting knife’s advancement in combination of 2 different axis. You’ll see the shape take form from a cuboid or cylinder as the material is spinned. Work with a workpiece that is 30x more detailed than in the previous lathe game!
♦ Create thread/spiral shapes. With slower speed you can enjoy a new feature in this game and create beautiful thread/spiral twists.
♦ New and improved 3D Graphics. You have a 360 degrees view of the work area with the possibility of zooming in/out and looking around the lathe machine. The artifact you create dynamically takes a 3D shape as the knife advances and you can save & share your creation.
♦ Customizable knives. You can pick from two types of gouges; one for turning metal and another one for turning wood. Then choose one of 8 different knife shapes depending on what you want to create and also choose 3 different widths. Thus enough customization to create a unique shape.
♦ Unlockable products. You can unlock products that you can re-create.
♦ Surprise interactions. Every finished product will be able to be displayed with a little surprise. Some of them will even allow you to personally interact with them.
♦ Save unfinished work. Even if you get interrupted in the middle, that does not mean you have to start over from the beginning. Just save the workpiece you're working on right now and continue later.
Lathe Machine 3D: Milling & Turning Simulator Game is a completely revamped, entertaining milling machine game where you put yourself in a role of a lathe machinist. You can start a new project simply by choosing the product you would like to work on, setting the workpiece on the lathe machine and start carving. Create brand-new, different products in your own personal, manual (non CNC) lathe machine manufacturing/production process. Workshop experience allows you to turn (mill) the workpiece in a dynamic 360-degrees view.
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