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Malody V 5.1.1 free

Malody V 5.1.1 free apk

Version: 5.1.1

Uploaded in 2024-05-15

Description about Malody V apk

Malody V is a cross-platform music game (Simulator) which is developed by a group of dedicated volunteers. Malody was first relesed in 2014 with Key mode at the beginning. Now it supports Key, Catch, Pad, Taiko, Ring, Slide and Live. Each mode has a full featured chart editor and online ranking, also can be played in multiplayer room with friends online.
As we moved from old Malody to Malody V, we rewrited the game with new engine. In Malody V, we fixed hundred of bugs in old one, and improved editor, profile, collection, music player etc. Please feel free to explorer more.
* Support variety of chart formats: osu, sm, bms, pms, mc, tja.
* In game editor, for creating and sharing charts.
* Multiplayer, for all mode.
* Support full keysound chart.
* Support custom skin. (WIP)
* Support play recording.
* Support play effect: random, flip, const, rush, hide, origin, death.
* Support online ranking.
* Support private server.


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Malody V free 5.1.1

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