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MEEFF 5.9.4 free

MEEFF 5.9.4 free apk

Version: 5.9.4

Uploaded in 2024-06-04

Description about MEEFF apk

â–¶ Over 4 million users signed up across 190 countries.
â–¶ A significant number of Korean users looking for international friends
If you want to do cultural exchange with Korean friends
If you want to make Korean friends during study and travel in Korea
If you want to make international friends across the globe
MEEFF is the place for you. Regardless of race, language, or nationality, you can find your potential best friends here.
💘 Blind Match
With your profile covered, meet a real heart-minded friend.
GroupChat lets you have real-time conversations with friends from all over the world, provides language translations around the world, and even private messages with successful matches Enjoy new matches you've never experienced before.
👬 Your first Korean friends
In MEEFF community, you can find a significant number of Korean users who would like to make international friends or learn foreign languages.
From K-pop, K-drama and movies, to Korean food, feel free to share your interest with your Korean friends!
🌍 Friends from all over the world
You will also find a lot of international users from across the world. From your neighborhood to the other side of the world, there is no limit in the distance.
🚨 We monitor reports everyday
We are monitoring user reports at all times to ensure a clean and safe community. If you run into any inappropriate users, please report them to us. MEEFF admin team will take actions in a timely manner.

This service includes In-app Purchase items, and a separate fee will be charged for purchase.

Terms of Service : https://bit.ly/3dTbq2n

Privacy Policy : https://bit.ly/2NTFikF
Terms of Location-Based Service : https://bit.ly/2NNkiw6


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