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Multi Space Pro 1.0.4 free

Multi Space Pro 1.0.4 free apk

Version: 1.0.4

Uploaded in 2022-01-27

Description about Multi Space Pro apk

- Do you want to use multiple social accounts on one device?
- Do you want to separate your personal and professional accounts into their own dual space?
- Do you want to gain more experience and fight monsters in a competitive game?
- Our Multi Space Pro can help you get rid of all these problems!
★Why choose us
- Support multiple accounts online at the same time, one for work business and one for life chat
- One phone can be used to log in multiple accounts at the same time, supporting app accounts and game accounts
- Play both primary and secondary game accounts at the same time, so you can experience double the fun of the game
- Quickly switch between dual accounts with just one click
- Streamlined mode for optimal power and memory efficiency
★How to use
- After entering Multi Space Pro app, click the "+" button
- Add the app you want to clone, then click the app icon to run
- You can long press the app icon to add it to the desktop and run it directly on the desktop with one click, eliminating tedious steps
- Permissions. The application itself needs few permissions, in order to avoid some of the cloned application's functions can't be used, we will apply some permissions to the cloned application.
- Consumption. We don't take much memory and battery by itself, but the cloned app will consume them, you can close it when you don't use the cloned app.
You can leave five stars and comments or suggestions in the comments section of the app, we will read them carefully because it will help us to make the app better.
Contact:[email protected]


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Multi Space Pro free 1.0.4

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