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nighteye 3.3.1 free

nighteye 3.3.1 free apk

Version: 3.3.1

Uploaded in 2021-11-25

Description about nighteye apk

The Liberty Pumps NightEye™ app allows users to remotely monitor the condition of their NightEye™ enabled Liberty Pumps products - from anywhere in the world. The NightEye™ app will allow you to configure your device to send push notifications, SMS messages, and emails (up to 4 different contacts) that will keep you in touch with the status of your Liberty Pumps product. Using our custom designed cloud-based system, the app will alert you to potential problems that are occurring with your pump system. Below is a list of just a few of the standard notifications:
• High Water Level
• Low Ambient Temperature (configurable to notify you if the temperature falls below a set level)
• Loss of Wifi
• Replace 9V backup battery
• Loss of AC power
For peace of mind about your basement when you can’t be home, upgrade to NightEye™ enabled product from Liberty Pumps today!
Requires a wireless internet connection and at least (1) NightEye™ enabled product. (The app can control multiple NightEye™ enabled devices.)

Compatible Products:
• Liberty Pumps ALM-EYE Series – Pump alarm systems
• Liberty Pumps 442-EYE Series – 12V Battery Back-up Sump Pump Systems
• SumpJet SJ10A-EYE - Water Powered Back-up Pump System
For more information visit http://www.libertypumps.com/NightEye/