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Occupation 2.5 2.5.6 free

Occupation 2.5 2.5.6 free apk

Version: 2.5.6

Uploaded in 2022-08-07

Description about Occupation 2.5 apk

Scientists have discovered an ancient alien artifact. It was activated and a giant alien mothership appears in orbit of the Earth.
People began to turn into zombies and monsters. Most governments collude with extraterrestrials.
Try to survive in a new world filled with creatures and monsters, try to correct the scientists' mistake!
• Classic First and Third person PC action game for mobiles
• Big Open 3D World with day/night cycle and complete freedom of action
• English, Español, Português, Русский, Indonesia localizations
• A lot of missions, zombies and mutants, night creatures, anomalies
• Arms dealers, mercenaries, hostages, portals, doors with locks, inventory
• Additional endless game mode (unlocked after all missions are done)
• Auto-aim or gyro-aim makes the objectives simpler!
• VR Headsets support, hardware input support - gamepads, keyboards

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