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Paign 1.39 free

Paign 1.39 free apk

Version: 1.39

Uploaded in 2022-11-22

Description about Paign apk

Travel to a mystical land and explore its secrets.
About the Game:
Paign is a classic style role-playing game, level up, collect and explore. Learn different professions and skills. Choose one of the two factions and talk to the people and get to know them. Make your decision wisely.
If you like classic RPGs like the Gothic series, you've come to the right place. Buy the game once and enjoy it with no commercial breaks or hidden in-app purchases. Explore an open world in a lovingly designed low-poly look.
Tired of having to log in every day in order not to miss something? No problem, save and load whenever and wherever you are. You don't miss a thing here!
Core functions are:
• Story driven gameplay with focus on conversations (like Gothic series)
• Classic fantasy role-playing experience
• Evolve your Hero
• Many quests
• Open World - Explore on your own
• Innovative combat system
• Different professions (Alchemy, skinning, forging etc.)
• Explore hidden secrets
• Choose your Weapon: Bow, Sword, Axe, Mace etc.
• Cast mighty spells – Fire Arrow up to Fire Rain
• Completely offline
• No Adds
Developed by just one person.
Warning: Everything in game is on English.
Help a solo developer tweak the game. You don't like something? No problem, write an email and I'll see what I can do.
System Recommendations:
• 8GB of RAM
• 4 × 2,8 GHz & 4 × 1,7 GHz Octa-Core
Min System:
• 4GB of RAM
• 4 × 2,6 GHz & 4 × 1,6 GHz Octa-Core


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Paign free 1.39

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