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Period Tracker 1.12 free

Period Tracker 1.12 free apk

Version: 1.12

Uploaded in 2023-01-24

Description about Period Tracker apk

Wondering when your period comes and goes or irregular periods? Use the Period Tracker: Ovulation Calendar & Fertile Days to stay on track and feel confident!
Period Tracker: Ovulation Calendar & Fertile Days tracks your periods, fertility days, cycles, notes, ovulation and the chance of conception.
**App offers identification of Days in the calendar (information):
- Period Days
- Predicted period Day
- Normal Day
- Ovulation Day
- Fertility Day
- Note (if you will add any notes it will show in the calendar)
100% Privacy Secured
- Privacy maintained. We do not collect or sell of any kind.
- All of your data is saved on your phone or your own Google Drive.
**Determine most fertile days :
- Use this app to see when you may be ovulating to help find your most fertile days.
Ovulation: Period Tracker app lets you track data like Weight Tracker, Temperature Tracker, notes, intercourse, symptoms, moods, vaginal Discharge, Ovulation, Pregnancy and Fertile logs etc.
**Why use Period Ovulation: Period Tracker app?
- Know your fertile days
- Very useful whether you have regular periods and can track your best chance of pregnancy every day
- Track and forecast your period coming days, ovulation, and fertile days
- Analysis of your average cycle length, period length and duration
- Period Tracker forum where you can get help, share tips, and discuss on a large community.
- View weight and temperature data in chart
- Regular informative newsfeed notifications
- Reliable to calculate every period date, you can even change settings of Period length, period cycle length, and luteal phase.


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Period Tracker free 1.12

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