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P.Muse 8.0.0 free

P.Muse 8.0.0 free apk

Version: 8.0.0

Uploaded in 2024-05-15

Description about P.Muse apk

**An incredible music adventure**
It's an incredible music game in a different way! Every note, every voice is respond to your tap!
Game Features:
• Rhythm gameplay, innovative real-time key pronunciation.
• Original Independent electronic music producer.
• Innovative multi track music games.
• Different styles of electronic music, constantly updated.
• Cool and rich themed skins with unparalleled visual effects.
• 40 characters with different personalities, all with their own characteristics.
• Selected theme song package, take you into the characters of the story.
• Compete with friends and global players.
• Apple's full device support, with full resolution.
• The rhythm of the electronic sound, and the players have an emotional resonance.
• Personalized persona space.
• This Game Obvious Improvement On Amblyopiapia.
Game rules:
• Tap the note while following the rhyme, ensure to get perfect.
• Don't miss a note, hit combos and hit perfectly to get high scores.
Best experience with headphones.
This Game Obvious Improvement On Amblyopia!
Instructions on the use of amblyopia / hyperopia training:
1. First, you need to choose special skin for [amblyopia / hyperopia] in the game (those with normal vision are not recommended)
2. The principle of hyperopia is to increase vision by using the sensitivity of awakening visual cells such as red light, blue light, lattice light and afterimage light to stimulate eyeball development and enhance vision.
Hope you to enjoy the game!
Thanks to the game icon p. Muse-- Emily made by the player "SmolAntBoi".
Thanks to ColBreakz, Blaver, KODOMOi, Akako Hinami, Yan Dongwei and other famous music producers.
“Project: Muse” is a free game,but it involves optional VIP paid service and some game props need to be paid for.
If you encounter problems in the game, please contact the customer service email: [email protected].


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