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Sand Blocks 0.15.5 free

Sand Blocks 0.15.5 free apk

Version: 0.15.5

Uploaded in 2023-12-23

Description about Sand Blocks apk

This game is perfect for puzzle lovers and sandcastle builders. A Sandtris puzzle with a twist. You have to manipulate different shapes of sand blocks that fall from the top of the screen and arrange them in a way that they form complete horizontal rows at the bottom of the screen. The more rows you clear, the more points you get and the higher your level goes. Rotate and move the blocks to fit them better in the available space, but don't let them stack up too high or touch the top of the screen or you'll lose. This game is fun, challenging and relaxing at the same time. It tests your spatial skills, your reflexes and your creativity. Try it out and see how many rows you can clear and how high you can score!
Sand Blocks is a Tetris like sand puzzle game that combines satisfactory sand simulation with a beautiful art style.


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Sand Blocks free 0.15.5

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Sand Blocks free 0.15.3

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