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SimHospital BuildIt 1.4.1 mod

SimHospital BuildIt 1.4.1 mod

Version: 1.4.1

Uploaded in 2021-02-22

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Description about SimHospital BuildIt apk

Welcome to the simulation hospital, where you can build your own hospital and build the medical center of your dreams!
* Start from the village hospital, slowly upgrade to the town hospital, the city hospital, and finally to the world, let your hospital enjoy a worldwide reputation!
* Dozens of departments and a full set of medical equipment allow you to plan your hospital as much as you like to fully satisfy your creativity!
* Various chief physicians, nursing staff, cashiers, waiting for your appointment, reasonable arrangements, cure more patients, and earn more income!
* Trigger special events to deal with sudden emergencies, more real and close to reality!
* Develop new medicines to solve more intractable diseases and help more patients stay away from diseases!
* Offline state, the hospital can also operate normally and earn income!
* Real, casual and free to open all functions, all you need is your strategy and courage!
One of the most fun simulation games in the world, come join us and build your own hospital!


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SimHospital BuildIt mod 1.4.1

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