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Solitaire 1.10287.0 free

Solitaire 1.10287.0 free apk

Version: 1.10287.0

Uploaded in 2023-01-19

Description about Solitaire apk

Join millions of Solitaire players for FREE now and play Solitaire TriPeaks Journey - the hottest Klondike card game of 2021. Downloaded by over 10 million players around the world!
A relaxing & challenging free solitaire card game with unique twists and new playstyles on traditional Klondike card games! It's guaranteed to satisfy all your cravings and a must-have for loyal klondike card fans! Join adventurer Clair on her Solitaire journey to find hidden treasures, by solitairing your way through new dimensions of magical gameplay.
Are you a Solitaire Master? Complete the solitaire card game with quick thinking & smart moves, and get rewarded with coins & magic boosters!
♣Enjoy all the great Game Features:
Addictive Solitaire Gameplay
- Endless fun: Over 6000 challenging solitaire levels - more added every 2 weeks!
- Creative cards: Dive into levels that feature special solitaire obstacle cards - Bombs, Sharks, Volcanos, Magnets, Snowflake Cards, and more. The spectacular effects of these special cards will blow your mind and show you just how fun a Klondike card game can be!
Outstanding Graphics & Scenery Themes
The graphics and scenery themes are marvelously splendid! Set out on a solitaire journey with Clair and her dog Lucky through over 20 beautiful themes like the Undersea World, Dark Forest, Grassland, Savanna, Tropical Island, Circus, and more unimaginable gems. Complete tons of challenging solitaire card games to unlock new chapters of your solitaire journey!
Beautiful Album & Travel Diary
The Clair’s Stamp Collection grants you extraordinary prizes along the way. Win as many stamps as you can by playing solitaire for huge rewards & discover fun stories in the travel diary with cute characters!
Amazing Mini-games
Complete daily missions and interesting mini-games to earn free Solitaire bonuses, Wild Cards and powerful boosters! Wanna challenge other players on your Solitaire adventure? Compete against players from all over the world to get ranked in the solitaire tournaments!
Magic Boosters
It takes skills, tactics, patience, and wit to win this solitaire card game! Give your brain a real workout by using all kinds of strategies as the solitaire game gets more challenging along the way. Don't forget to use powerful magic boosters like the Blitzball, Wild Switch, Lucky Dice, and Suit Match to take your solitaire card game to the next level!
Play this solitaire card game to go on an exciting journey through the magical and mythical world! Free coins, epic cards, power-ups, and more are all up for grabs. Use them to blast through puzzling solitaire levels anytime, anywhere! No Wi-Fi or internet connection is required.
Tons of fun just a tap away! Download NOW and enjoy the Solitaire Fun for FREE - a place where all the BEST solitaire card games await you!


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