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Space Turret Defense point 1.05p mod

Space Turret Defense point 1.05p mod

Version: 1.05p

Uploaded in 2023-11-29

Description about Space Turret Defense point apk

You have been promoted to defend a station in deep space against hordes of invaders. In order to succeed, you will have to control a turret system. The current defense plan is not working and this is why you need to create a new plan and upgrade all systems. Use effective counter turret arrangements and defend against varying enemy hordes and bosses. Destroy them before they destroy us!
-Mode "Warp Gates" for 2 or 3 players.
In depelopment:
-Lost Aurora: Flight on a battleship with a rescue mission;
-Red Alert: Fight other battleships, manned by enemy players, target critical systems with the right weapons;
-Station Fight: Player vs player battles with ship production lines.
We just added multiplayer, there may be only a small amount of players online until we advertise our game, you may need a friend to play online.
You can join our Discord server for better coordination of multiplayer matches.
If you find any bugs, please don't hesitate to email us.
- 13 unique turrets with exploding rockets, piercing railguns and scorching lasers
- use and adapt up to 3 turrets and counter the enemy waves
- upgrade your turrets and station
- 22 different enemies and heavy multi stage boss fights
- campaign and survival modes with different difficulty levels
- multiplayer modes (also possible with bots)
- complete campaigns to unlock new skins and turrets
- Survive mode uses a complex system that tracks your progress and adapts the approaching waves to give you a good challenge and experience
- complete tasks and get additional bonuses
- top 100 global rankings in all modes, compete with other commanders
- support for left and right handed, no one will have a handicap
- multi language support
- dynamic multi layered music depending on game intensity
We have different goals on our roadmap, such as more station upgrades✅, more campaign levels✅, more enemies & turrets✅, and a multiplayer mode 🚧.
If you are willing to help us translating this game into your language, email us: [email protected]


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Space Turret Defense point mod 1.05p

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