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TepokNyamuk 1.2.1 free

TepokNyamuk 1.2.1 free apk

Version: 1.2.1

Uploaded in 2021-11-25

Description about TepokNyamuk apk

This game adapts the game of Tepok Nyamuk which is played using playing cards. Tepok Nyamuk requires concentration to answer correctly. In short, players must choose a card that suits the requirements requested as quickly as possible. Players will win if they get 1000 points.

Fight AI from the easiest to the most difficult level
You can play against AI to get useful coins as a fare to play in a mode against other players online
Play with your friends on the same device
Tepok Nyamuk can be played together with your friends when gathering
Play against other players with the matchmaking feature
This mode brings you the best Tepok Nyamuk player in the universe. Win matches against other great players and collect as many trophies as possible.