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The Monser Hunter 1.96 mod

The Monser Hunter 1.96 mod

Version: 1.96

Uploaded in 2022-11-22

Description about The Monser Hunter apk

This is gonna be the best night of your life! It’s monster hunting time!
You’ve always been afraid monsters were there waiting to scare us??
But what we didn't know is that we can scare them and catch them ALL!
Are you ready to become the best hunter?
Upgrade your lamp so you can go further and catch more monsters as you explore the depths under your bed. Find the monsters and figure out what lies at the bottom.

Monster Hunter Features:
- Simple and addictive gameplay: Just Hold and Drag to catch monsters!
- Idle Gameplay: The lamp earns you money while you are away!
- Become the Monster Hunter Master: Over 100 unique monsters for you to discover!
- Monster Gallery: see if you can catch them all!


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The Monser Hunter mod 1.96

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