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upday 2.5.13335 free

upday 2.5.13335 free apk

Version: 2.5.13335

Uploaded in 2019-12-01

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Description about upday apk

Just imagine: All the current news on all your favourite topics available at your fingertips, exclusively on your Samsung Galaxy phone. That’s upday!
upday finds the news and stories that really interest you. Using lots of rocket science and a hint of magic, it gathers news just for you from hundreds of sources. All in one place, exclusively on your Samsung device. And the more you use upday, the better your recommendations will get. This means you can enjoy your very own personalised news stream, “My News”, with content that’s relevant, gripping, and easy to navigate. 
Additionally, there are “Top News”, to supplement your personal news stream with a round-up of major developments – both in the UK and across the world. There, our experienced upday editorial team permanently scans news, websites, blogs and social media.
By the way: Highly practical article cards make upday unbeatably user-friendly. Just try it!
We’re always trying to make upday better for you, so your feedback is important to us: Inbox us if you have any criticism, suggestions – or praise:  [email protected]
upday is also preinstalled on the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones. You can find it on the “-1” page: Simply swipe right on your homescreen.
In the settings you can switch between different country editions.


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