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VR Toon Jurassic 1.23 free

VR Toon Jurassic 1.23 free apk

Version: 1.23

Uploaded in 2021-11-24

Description about VR Toon Jurassic apk

This VR Jurassic Dino Park World & Roller Coaster 360 Cartoon game designed for smartphones, allows you to fully sink in the amazing world of dinosaurs and a prehistoric adventure. You just need to put on a virtual reality device like vr-box etc. to fully enjoy the wonderful experience of seeing dinosaurs in a first person. Experience the roller coaster 360 ride!
A virtual reality game with roller coaster for the entire family
It is about dinosaurs. Yes, it is true that it is about dinosaurs and a theme park. However, in the movie heroes had to deal with bloodthirsty raptors and a t-rex who loves to eat layers. Dinosaurs which you can find in this game are among most tame creatures in a gaming history. It is a dino park simulator with roller coaster 360 where you not only going to have fun but also, learn a lot about these mighty creatures which once ruled the entire world. The best part of it though is the fact, that you can simply use own smartphones to access this wonderful world of adventure.
Key features
-VR Jurassic Dino Park World & Roller Coaster 360 Cartoon is a virtual reality game in which, you visit dinosaurs from era of Jurassic. Go this park now and have fun in roller coaster 360 mode.
-Enjoy 18 different 360 rollercoaster rides. During each one of them, dinosaurs are going to accompany you.
-You don't need VR goggles to enjoy the game.
-Enjoy the movie mode and learn the history of the island, dinosaurs and your own character.
-Use the free roam mode to observe dinosaurs in their own habitats.
A 360 virtual reality experience with many things to do.
In order to make a game interesting, it has to provide players with something to do. It is the absolute basis of a proper entertainment. This dino world simulator game provides a real, theme park like experience filled with joy and entertainment. First of all, there is a mode where the you can jump into 18 different rollercoaster. Each one of them is going to take you for roller coaster 360 ride, during which he or she is going to be accompanied by different species of dinosaurs. Creatures like velociraptors, brachiosaurs, stegosaurs, triceratops or even a mighty t-rex can be seen up close from the first point of view. Remember though, that these animals are much bigger, stronger and more dangerous than any other species currently living on earth. This adventure certainly is not for scared one. For those of you who might want to know more, the rollercoaster rides which you can find here are the same like the ones which you can find in the realistic VR Jurassic.
There is also a free roam mode. Here you can freely move around the park and watch dinosaurs which live on the entire Jurassic island. These creatures are not blocked by any boundaries. Hence, you will be able to observe them in their own habitats. Learn about their behavior etc. You can walk with them and simply observe what they do. It can easily be compared to a big open zoo or a safari. Though, you should notice that in both zoo as well as on safari you cannot find dinosaurs. Only a virtual reality can provide you with such an experience.
Another interesting thing which you can do in the game is to enjoy a so-called movie mode. Here you can watch various movies about the history of the island itself, as well as history of your own character. You wake up in the middle of a jungle and you have to do everything to survive, while being mesmerized by the beauty of it.
You don't need VR goggles to play
Despite the fact, that this is a virtual reality roller coaster game you don't need the VR goggles at all to enjoy it. The game and all elements which you can find in it, can be easily played without the VR. It is still going to be enjoyable and fun. In general VR Jurassic Dino Park World & Roller Coaster 360 Cartoon is a game for everyone with a lot of an educational value about dinosaurs.