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Wild Sky TD 1.82.7 free

Wild Sky TD 1.82.7 free apk

Version: 1.82.7

Uploaded in 2022-09-22

Description about Wild Sky TD apk

Tower defense games meet a fantasy world with minion spawning rifts in Wild Sky TD! Build your army and upgrade your base defense with towers and heroes in this epic 3D tower defense game. The fantasy medieval RPG world pits you against hordes of enemy, making you defend the kingdom from a rush of monsters!
Battle in a tower defense arena and save the world! Your kingdom have only one choice in this tower defense game: defense, defense, defense! Fantasy war tactics put to the test in this survival tower defense meets medieval fantasy world!
Think you can take the challenge? Battle every day to unlock special events and prizes to keep you one level above the rest! Collect special hero cards or additional tokens to help you equip the best and the brightest!
Think you can take the challenge? Defend your kingdom in Wild Sky TD!
Tower Defense:
- Build your defenses and defend against waves of simple Orcs, even-simpler Zombies and slightly-less-simple Dark Elves Lords
- Tower Defense mechanics makes it easy to protect your kingdom. Upgrade your defense with a collection of interesting tower power-ups
- Defend and strategize with maps in a 3D arena: from lush forests and murky swamps to volcanic badlands
- This tower defense game offers more than 100 story-based levels
Build Your Defenses
- Build defense and protect your kingdom from evil
- TD battle mechanics let you lead with your strongest defenders and strategize different towers to support
- Idle mechanics progression system
Epic Fantasy World
- Fantasy story line that is revealed as the game progresses
- Action-packed gameplay with lots of strategic depth
- This tower defense game offers more than 100 story-based levels
- Collect rewards while and unlock new content over time
- Strategy based game-modes with challenges
- Archer elves taking out aerial enemies
- Dwarf combatants battling alongside foot soldiers
- Arch towers electrocuting the slime mobs
- Tower cannons thinning out the goblin horde
- Orcs decimating strategic defenses
- Zombies relentlessly battering troops
- Goblin forces with their foul contraptions
- Dark elves plotting from the shadows
- Fight fire with fire against a legendary dragon!
Defend your kingdom against evil with epic tower defense strategy tactics. Build your army of attackers and defenders and lead them to victory in Wild Sky!
Download Wild Sky today!
Wild Sky Communities:
- Official Page: https://www.facebook.com/wildskytd
- Official Wiki: https://wild-sky.fandom.com
- Discord Fan Server: https://discord.gg/2G4NN7b
- Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/759432404488518/
- Line Fan Group: http://line.me/ti/g/Ue0xB2Xllb
- Russian Community: https://vk.com/wildskytd