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Your Calendar Widget 1.62.11 free

Your Calendar Widget 1.62.11 free apk

Version: 1.62.11

Uploaded in 2024-06-07

Description about Your Calendar Widget apk

Your Calendar Widget is a widget, that can be used on the homescreen, lockscreen and your notification bar to show your upcoming Google Calendar events. You can easily configure and adapt the widget to your needs. Each widget has its own configuration. This allows you to have several widgets with different calendar- and display-settings.

• The widget can be used on the homescreen, the lockscreen and in the notification bar
• Almost every element can be adapted to your personal preferences
• Agenda, inline-agenda and simple display mode. There is a variety of different event display options
• Various options for event-visualization in order to identify upcoming events more easily (timeline, badges, notifications, font and background settings)
• The month-calendar provides full access to the entire calendar right from the homescreen
• View birthdays and anniversaries of your contacts
• With the Google Task Integration tasks can be viewed and edited
• Countless predefined themes provided by the system and the community
• Events can be filtered using the event title
• Any number of widgets can be created, each with its own configuration

• Read Calendar: This permission is required to show your calendar events in the widget
• Access your device Storage: This permission is required to read and write widget-backups. On Android P and higher this permission is also required to be able to show your wallpaper in the preview of the widget settings
• Contacts: This permission is required if you like to see birthday and anniversary information from you contacts. Further its required to to read your account information to show your tasks.

Google Tasks
With the Google Task Integration you are able to show your Google Tasks in the widget. Further you can create new tasks or complete existing tasks. The widget will also consider your subtasks.

Google Reminders
Google Reminders can't be displayed in the widget. Unfortunately Google does not provide an API to access Google Reminders.

Microsoft Outlook
In order to show your Outlook calendar in the widget, add your account via gmail:
1) Open the Gmail app
2) Open the preferences (menu on left top and select settings)
3) Choose Add account
4) Select Exchange and Office365
5) After you followed the setup process, you should be able to select your Outlook-calendars in the widget
6) If your Outlook account is still not visible, synchronize your accounts (i.e. via Google Calendar App - Refresh)

Widget is not updating or events are not appearing in the widget
Following things can help if the widget is not showing the correct events:
1) Disable powersaving options and restart the device
2) Check that the calendar is synced (Google Calendar App)
3) Synchronize calendar data: open Google Calendar App - menuentry Refresh (repeat multiple times)
Further help on synchronization problems can be found here: https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/6261951?hl=en

PRO Edition Not Detected
If your purchase is not detected (i.e. after switching to a new phone), try this:
Usually a restart of the device solves the problem.

If you like to contribute a translation into your language, please contact me via e-mail.

How to create a widget

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Mountain by MRusta
Night hill by Yupnguyen
Mountains Sunset from Parallax Live Wallpaper App


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